Our Team

Jakob Schreiber
Co-Founder / CEO

Determined, persistent and innovative, that is Jakob, one of the founders of FlyTraker and our man for everything, marketing, electronics, software, ... - he has many talents. But he also knows how to use them with much passion. You can say in good conscience that FlyTraker has become a heart project for him.

Stefan Beller
Co-Founder / CTO

As one of the founders of FlyTraker, he has been there since the beginning. His motivated and innovative way of thinking he can master any challenges. With his enormous know-how in web development, he is the driving force behind FlyTraker's software.

Martin Loretz
Development / Front End Developer

Martin is an engineer with heart and soul. He is constantly looking for new challenges and innovation. His way of working is inspiring for everyone who gets to work with him. At FlyTraker, he uses his knowledge in app development and hardware design.

Lukas Feurstein
Development / Software

Carefully and always solution-oriented, Lukas works at FlyTraker on the software of our tracking devices. His years of experience, innovative and careful way of working guarantee excellent solutions. Working with Lukas is an enormous enrichment, and there is always something to laugh about. We are thrilled to have Lukas as part of our team.

Stefan Ming
Marketing / Content Creator

There is probably no one who is as well organized as Stefan. Stefan is passionate about the FlyTraker project with great motivation and even greater visions. His calm, thoughtful manner is the ideal balance in our team when work threatens to be overwhelming once again.

Lukas Jungo
Marketing / Sales

With an affinity for technical contexts and a passion for pursuing business, Lukas is working in the marketing and sales department. Precise task distribution and systematic work are to his liking.

Niklas Brodbeck
Marketing / Social Media

As an aviation enthusiast, Niklas fits perfectly into the FlyTraker team. In addition, his experience as an employee in a large airline and his affinity for various social media channels make him a great support in the marketing area.

About us

FlyTraker enables pilot- and plane logbooks to be kept automatically and digitally.

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