FlyTraker has been developed for diverse interest groups. Whether private pilots, flight clubs, flight schools or even flight companies, everyone can benefit from the different functions. FlyTraker is not a solution for an individual, but for a whole community.

To test FlyTraker we recommend you to download the soon available app from Apple AppStore or Google Play Store and create a user account. If you like the application, our support/sales team will help you find the best option and solution for you personally, your flight club, flight school or flight company.

Unfortunately, at this stage we cannot claim that FlyTraker is valid as an official pilot- or plane logbook. However, we are working hard to meet the necessary requirements and hope to have positive news soon. If you want to be kept up to date, sign up for our newsletter or follow us on Facebook or Instagram.

The big advantage of FlyTraker is that many functions are combined in one simple application. Flight schools and clubs can send invoices more easily, but also have an overview of all their aircraft at the same time. Pilots no longer have to tediously search for the data of their flights, but have all information clearly collected. Furthermore, they can easily network and share their experiences with just a few clicks.

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FlyTraker enables pilot- and plane logbooks to be kept automatically and digitally.

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